Sales & Marketing Firm

Over the years, our management team at 99 Exposure has built special expertise in the field of sales. As such, we help our clients in all stages of their product commercialization on a daily basis. We are focused on building franchises across the nation with our unique approach and top-notch services.


We are experts in planning and implementing customized marketing strategies for our clients and adding value to our clients’ brands. When a client approaches us, we begin by getting to know their product and understanding their goals. Accordingly, we propose a marketing strategy that gives them engagement and as much exposure as possible.

We know that a firm cannot succeed without its team, and we are proud to have talented people who always go out of their way to achieve their goals. We have skilled managers, headed by our CEO with over a decade of experience in Sales, Sales Training, and Sales Management, who guides them and pushes them to perform better.

At 99 Exposure, we try to create and support a thriving business relationship where our clients are consistently satisfied with our services.

Another area of our business is recruiting through our Talent Acquisition Services. We have helped firms to fill vacant positions that range from entry-level sales to owners of a franchise. We have assisted different business categories to hire the right talent to achieve the organization’s goals.

At 99 Exposure, we have HR professionals with a decade of experience who will do their best to look for the top-notch candidates with the help of our systematic approach. Our objective is to connect the organization with highly-qualified candidates making the process seamless and efficient.

99 Exposure offers Entry-level Job Opportunities in Sales & Marketing across Cincinnati.

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