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At 99 Exposure, our focus is on building an ambitious and team-focused firm. We feel that such an approach improves productivity, improves retention, and strengthens the overall morale of the team.

We have been lucky to provide our services to more than fifty franchise locations nationwide, where we have helped them create marketing strategies aligned with their business goals. We acknowledge that factors like creativity, customer satisfaction, impeccable quality of work are not possible without the people that work with us. Therefore, we try building an environment where they can grow and learn. Each time we see a potential individual, we encourage them by putting them into high-performance leadership roles. Such opportunities help people grow and pursue leadership roles within the company.

At 99 Exposure, our commitment to the professional development of our team is absolute. Once onboard, you will experience a clear, structured development program that combines internal training and ongoing mentoring meant to complement particular on-the-job development and enhance your skill sets.

We put great effort into providing a pleasant, dynamic, yet inclusive, professional environment within our firm where optimal development and maximal results are evident. We help our team to challenge the status quo, extend their comfort zones, and focus on self-development.

When you join 99 Exposure, you become part of a culture where our team is everything for us. The following are some of the perks of working with us:


As a part of our team, we will support you on how to grow through our management training, where you learn our sales techniques that we have gained through years of active experience in the industry.
This training program will help you polish your skill sets and build satisfying careers.

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Direct Marketing Jobs Cincinnati


Whether it is our active office, our helpful staff, or our management program, there are many reasons why 99 Exposure is the firm to work with. We have deliberately built a culture in which teamwork and working towards one goal are our primary values. Every single new member will be assigned a mentor. Someone to work closely with to talk about business, training, recruiting, sales skills.


When it comes to building confidence and gaining, we firmly believe that networking is crucial. Therefore we support our team to participate in networking events such as conferences and business meetings, where they can interact with like-minded professionals, well-known personalities, and gain referrals. We also have a coast to coast networking panel.

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Travel Perks

Working at 99 Exposure comes with ample occasions to travel. Collectively, we travel to beautiful destinations for training and retreats and get to know each other better. This is also one of our ways to appreciate our associates’ hard work and commitment.

If you wish to be a part of our family, then we invite you to send us a cover letter and your resumé to

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