When you join 99 Exposure, you grow with us. We hire individuals looking at their future potential and not just to fill a vacant post. We want to polish your skill sets and give you great opportunities to associate with renowned brands. We focus on creating tough people with the mentality to push through tough times and challenges. We also offer rigorous Leadership Training in Cincinnati that helps our team develop the skills to be a successful franchisee in our business.

Management Training Cincinnati

Learning Experience

We know that when people learn, they grow, which is why we invest in the teams’ professional and personal development. Our Leadership Training in Cincinnati is very hands-on. We go through a proven three-step process to ensure that all our associates are well-trained to be successful in our business.

  • Day One

    Day One

    On the first day, we start by working with you to make sure you know how to do it. This includes walking around the office and friendly meet and greets with leadership figures. We will train on weekly standard operating procedures including, HR, payroll, leadership training, sales training.

  • Day Two

    Day Two

    Day two starts with recapping all the training from day one. We demonstrate how to move with urgency and explain why. We will place each new hire in a division. Our divisions range from sale on products in retailers including our “pop up shops”, service division, charity food bank program, or medical sales.

  • Day Three

    Day Three

    We start the third day by teaching starter communication techniques in regards to the division or program the new hire is allocated. This day we start with goal setting and teaching the importance of creating a plan to be efficient. We focus on time management and how to allocate the time in your day to increase productivity in the workplace. This approach creates self-sustaining leadership figures.

Dayton Management Training

Manager In Training M.I.T.:

Once onboard, you will be a part of a two-part process. It starts from attending our board room meetings from 8:30 am to 9:30 am from Tuesday through Friday. The training program will groom you for the ERM department role and will teach you how to manage different departments and divisions. Also, we have a new shadowing process we are enthusiastic about.

The next M.I.T. applicant will shadow different departments and emulate multiple positions to learn our business’s full 360-degree perspective better. The director/operator department position is a three-tiered or level role, so a manager oversees other managers/supervisors.

The first shadowing phase conducted by our Marketing team is primarily focused on our Marketing Department. Our marketing team knows all about brand exposure and will train the general public on how the client’s product or service can benefit them. We measure success in this role by someone’s ability to take and apply feedback. Showing continuous improvement daily will be the main metric of promotion.

Secondly, we have our Campaign Manager. These people generally are in charge of local sites; this is one of our regional sites here in 99 Exposure. They can run up to three sites at a time. They manage all employees on-site, coach based on metrics coming in, and aid H.R. with onboarding and other tasks. Another primary duty in the CM phase of training is business to business report with the on-site store management and staff from 99 Exposure or at any other front end retail client site. In this role, the person will be measured by their ability to handle and solve problems with logic and tenacity. As a campaign manager, we will not accept emotional responses to a businesses’ day to day operations. As a campaign manager, they manage multiple people and programs. The ability to produce sales results for multiple clients will be a measuring tool for their promotion.

Finally, we have an Assistant Regional Manager, also known as A.R.M. These people do 60% behind the scenes management and 40% front end. Behind the scenes, work entails steps such as payroll, scheduling, balancing profit vs. loss margins, and overall accountability to develop sales growth and expansion opportunities.