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When someone joins our team, they become a part of a fun, energetic culture where the wellbeing of our clients and our team is at the heart of everything that we do. No matter what their role in the firm, we will listen and take everyone’s opinion into consideration.

99 Exposure is a team-driven business where our partners work together to achieve common goals. With this approach, everyone wins - our team, our business, and our clients. Our goal is to develop a healthy competitive culture that motivates workers and allows them to have an excellent work-life balance. Apart from this, we offer challenging positions with excellent development capabilities.

As a part of 99 Exposure, a new team member will be given several occasions to learn under the guidance of our managers. They will provide high-quality training opportunities to ensure that they receive personal guidance and professional development to flourish in the sales and promotional events industry. Our training begins by learning the basics of the organization and then accordingly growing and evolving based on the performance of the individual.

At 99 Exposure, we realize that a lack of transparency in the workplace can create a reserved environment and an unreliable team. People don’t like to associate themselves with a company they can’t trust, which is why we always have transparency while working with one another and with clients. We have an open culture in terms of what is happening in the business and discussing goals and ambitions, and ensure that there is no room for biased behavior. We treat our people with respect and provide equal opportunities irrespective of their experience and their position in the firm. Moreover, we work in a culture that values what makes us different and unique.

If you want to be a part of our success story, then we invite you to send us a cover letter and your resumé to, to take advantage of the opportunities we have in store for you.

99 Exposure offers Entry-level Job Opportunities in Sales & Marketing across Cincinnati.

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