Meet Mike Volski

Member Of 99 Exposure - Marketing Firm 

Mike Volski

Started November 2012

Advice for someone new:

ENJOY IT!!!! We do a really good job of taking things so seriously. Don’t go out and break the rules and ruin the opportunity but also don’t let one small thing stop you from reaching a goal. Michael Jordan, Oprah, and Walt Disney didn’t let a little obstacle stop them!!!

Claim to fame:

I went on a road trip to train an office on Ez-Mop which used to be my favorite campaign. I did not get in town until 4 AM due to unexpected delays. I slept an hour went to the leaders’ meeting went to the event and did $800 in the first 3 hours. The person I trained eventually became a mentor on the campaign!

Words to live by:

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.”

- Vince Lombardi